Enzyme & Bacteria Treatments


We have a 12 month supply of Lenzyme Bacteria, available. Once a month. Flush. Done. Don't forget to use the Calendar Reminder Sticker included in every box!

More often, we are finding septic tanks that are “non cultured”.   This can sometimes be caused by all the antibacterial hand soaps, household cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, and may also be caused by salt from water softeners that enter your septic tank.

We use a  product called “Lenzyme” as a preventative for maintaining the health of your septic system.

Why Lenzyme?   It’s unique in that each ingredient is functional or contributes to the biodegradation process.  The 5 enzymes are:

PROTEASE– breaks down proteins.

LIPASE– breaks down grease, oil, and fats.

PECTINASE– breaks down pectins and gums.

CELLULASE– breaks down papers and fibers.

AMYLASE– breaks down starches.

In addition, There are five highly specialized strains of bacteria for digestion of the wastes.  Once placed in your system, they will double their population approximately every twenty minutes.

We recommend using this product to promote long life to your septic system.   But remember, you still have to get your septic tank pumped periodically.

 Lenzyme comes in a box of 12 pre-measured packets, a  (one year supply), and once a month all you have to do is open the package, pour in the toilet and flush!!  Its that easy!!


Ask us about it when you call for your next septic maintainence service!


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